Steady State Solvers

Steady State Solvers


Solves for the steady states in the problem defined by prob using the algorithm alg. If no algorithm is given, a default algorithm will be chosen.

Recommended Methods

DynamicSS is a good choice if you think you may have multiple steady states or a bad initial guess. SSRootfind can be faster if you have a good initial guess. For DynamicSS, in many cases an adaptive stiff solver, like a Rosenbrock method (Rodas5 or CVODE_BDF), is a good way to allow for very large time steps as the steady state approaches. Note that if you use CVODE_BDF you may need to give a starting dt via dt=.....

Full List of Methods


Example usage:

sol = solve(prob,SSRootfind())
sol = solve(prob,DynamicSS(Tsit5()))
using Sundials
sol = solve(prob,DynamicSS(CVODE_BDF()),dt=1.0)