Jump Problem Solvers


A JumpProblem(prob,aggregator,jumps...) come in two forms. The first major form is if it does not have a RegularJump. In this case, it can be solved with any integrator on prob. However, in the case of a pure JumpProblem (a JumpProblem over a DiscreteProblem), there are special algorithms available. The SSAStepper() is an efficient streamlined algorithm for running the aggregator version of the SSA for pure ConstantRateJump and/or MassActionJump problems. However, it is not compatible with event handling. If events are necessary, then FunctionMap does well.

If there is a RegularJump, then specific methods must be used. The current recommended method is SimpleTauLeaping.

Special Methods for Pure Jump Problems

If you are using jumps with a differential equations, use the same methods as in the case of the differential equation solving. However, the following algorithms are optimized for pure jump problems.


  • SSAStepper: a stepping algorithm for pure ConstantRateJump and/or MassActionJump JumpProblems. Does not support event handling, but does support saving controls like saveat.

RegularJump Compatible Methods


  • SimpleTauLeaping: a tau-leaping algorithm for pure RegularJump JumpProblems. Requires a choice of dt.
  • RegularSSA: a version of SSA for pure RegularJump JumpProblems.